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D’Antoni is all about the money

Mike D’ Antoni has officially signed with the Knicks for a 4 year 24 million dollar deal. I personally think he is nuts for taking the job and this proves that he is all about the money. If he wanted to contend for a championship he would have went to the Bulls who have a perfect team for the run and gun offense that he runs. I would have loved to see Tyrus Thomas and Ben Gordon in his system, but instead the world will now get to see Eddie Curry huff and puff his way down the floor and Nate Robinson try to pretend that he is Steve Nash. It ain’t gonna work and if the Knickerbockers win a championship in the next 5 years I will eat my own sock.


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Crazy NBA Playoffs

I guarantee you that nobody thought the Hawks would win two games vs. the Celtics…not even the Hawks themselves. I like how the Hawks rained confetti down after winning game four at home..shows you how surprised they were that they won the game. How about that that player who got in Garnett’s face? I don’t know his name and I’m not going to bother learning it because although he’s got guts, he ain’t got game. I like the fire that the Hawks have but I don’t think it will be enough. Garnett, Allen and the rest of the Celtics are too talented and too experienced to lose this series.

-The 76ers are done….they had a big lead going into the half of game four and blew it. The Pistons finally woke up and realized that they are the Pistons, not the Knicks. (sorry for the cheap shot Knicks fans but I had to) That series will be over after the Pistons win game six.
-Right now Pheonix trails the Spurs in the series. The Spurs will win. End of Story.
-The Rockets trail the series and will lose to the Jazz
-How about the Hornets…look out Spurs…

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I’ve got some questions….and some comments

Is it just me or is the new ESPN News too annoying to look at? I dont know but I’m sure it will eventually grow on me.

Can the Knicks just fire Isiah Thomas already?…they suck so bad that if they were a college basketball team they would be a 6 seed in the NIT tournament……U Mass would have blown them out already.

Can Jason Giambi ever hit the ball the other way?….The Blue Jays moved everyone to the first base side of the infield; even the third basemen was on the other side of the field.(Giambino eventually grounded out to him)…..He cannot hit fifth if he can’t hit the ball to all fields. How about trying Cano there for a few games?….I guarantee that he will hit better and drive in more runs than Giambi.

So far through5 innings Mussina is pitching pretty good……I doubt this will happen much this year

RIP Mets 2008……I don’t think any team has will make the playoffs with Angel Pagan in left, and Orlando Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey in their starting rotation. Pedro is not healthy enough to make it through one game, let alone an entire season. I have a newsflash for Mets Fans SANTANA CANNOT PITCH EVERYDAY!!!!…..He could easily win twenty games this year but who is going to win the other 70 games they’ll need to make the playoffs?

Looks like Joe Girardi has the Torre syndrome…..which medically speaking is when a manager pulls his pitcher too late and too much damage has already been done…..mussina should had been pulled two batters ago but now the yanks trail 4-0and two men are on with 2 outs……I can’t wait to see Pettitte and Hughes pitch soon

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