I just had an awesome opportunity to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and attend a special gathering to commemorate the Twentieth anniversary of the best baseball movie of all time. The movie that I am speaking of is Bull Durham. Director Robert Shelton, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Robert Wuhl participated in a question and answer session that was moderated by movie critic Jeffery Lyons. it was great to see the actors as people, not just something on a TV or movie screen.

The most interesting part of the night came when Director Robert Shelton was speaking about a possible sequel. He said that he has been asked quite frequently if he wants to make a sequel, but hasn’t given it any real thought until now. He seemed to have a good idea of what happened to Nuke Laloosh, Crash Davis and the other characters in the movie.

According to Shelton, Laloosh went 18-4 in his second season and 4-18 in his third.  He then pitched in the Mexican League and was found by Crash (who is now managing AAA Durham) and Annie at a players signing session.  Nuke will be sitting among Pete Rose and other baseball players who will be signing autographs for hundreds of dollars, while Nuke is selling his for 15 bucks.  Crash then helps Nuke develop a knuckleball, which puts Nuke back in the big leagues 20 years after he left.

I personally hope they make a sequel, but only if they can get all of the main actors back.  I know that it would be made right and the same way as the first one.


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