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Time for Change

I appreciate everyone reading my blog….i will be moving to blogspot because it’s a little better

here’s the link:


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Enough about sports, lets talk politics…..

I wonder what team Joe the Plumber likes?

I have to think that he Roots for the Steelers

Since its election season here is a poll-

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An Interview With Hank Steinbrenner

I recently did not get an opportunity to interview Yankees boss Hank “the tank” Steinbrenner, but if I did i think this is how it would go.

Hi Hank, thanks for letting me interview you

-This better be worth my time, I’ve only got another day or two to come out with a ridiculous statement and I haven’t thought of one yet.

– I promise this will be worth it….the first thing I want to know are your thoughts on this past season

– Well if Bud Selig and those other nimrods in the MLB offices were smart, they would get rid of the divisions and just give the World Championship to the team with the highest payroll. They also need to get to this century and make everybody use a DH. They should know that our pitchers aren’t taught how to run the bases. When Bud is done, I hope that I am elected commissioner so I can right the wrongs.

-Ok Hank, good luck with that….what was your favorite part of this year?

-It had to be the All-Star game. It was nice to see all of those future Yankees on one field.

– You honestly think you are going to get all of the American and National League All-stars on one team?

– No, stupid, that’s impossible….The AL guys would be in the majors and the NL guys would start in the minors….maybe if they played baseball like it was this century they could get a shot…but until then, the only field they will see is the one in Scranton.

– You really are just like people say aren’t you?

– If they say smart, handsome, executive of the year, then yes I am

– Well this has been a waste of my time Hank…thanks for nothing

– If by waste of time you mean the best interview you’ve ever had…than your welcome

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I just had an awesome opportunity to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and attend a special gathering to commemorate the Twentieth anniversary of the best baseball movie of all time. The movie that I am speaking of is Bull Durham. Director Robert Shelton, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Robert Wuhl participated in a question and answer session that was moderated by movie critic Jeffery Lyons. it was great to see the actors as people, not just something on a TV or movie screen.

The most interesting part of the night came when Director Robert Shelton was speaking about a possible sequel. He said that he has been asked quite frequently if he wants to make a sequel, but hasn’t given it any real thought until now. He seemed to have a good idea of what happened to Nuke Laloosh, Crash Davis and the other characters in the movie.

According to Shelton, Laloosh went 18-4 in his second season and 4-18 in his third.  He then pitched in the Mexican League and was found by Crash (who is now managing AAA Durham) and Annie at a players signing session.  Nuke will be sitting among Pete Rose and other baseball players who will be signing autographs for hundreds of dollars, while Nuke is selling his for 15 bucks.  Crash then helps Nuke develop a knuckleball, which puts Nuke back in the big leagues 20 years after he left.

I personally hope they make a sequel, but only if they can get all of the main actors back.  I know that it would be made right and the same way as the first one.

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Alright its time for the playoffs!!!…..Wait, something looks wrong here, where are the Yankees? Why does it say the Rays play this week? There must be a typo…. did baseball start giving teams bye weeks? Maybe the Yanks get to skip the ALDS and get to go right to the ALCS? What is this, the twilight zone?…Where are the Yankees? What?…They’re playing golf with the Mets?

What happened?

Well the answer to that question is simple: This year happened. The Rays took the division, Boston took the wild card, and the Yankees stunk. It’s as simple as that. As a die-hard, bleacher creature loving, but also disgruntled and disapointed Yankee fan, I feel your pain. The Yanks have not missed a postseason since 1995 and fell flat on their faces this year. “What do I do now?”, you ask? My answer to you is to watch the postseason; and while your doing that, follow my guide for rooting in the postseason.

First and foremost no rooting for Boston, at all. If you didn’t know that you are not a true Yankee fan.

In the American League root for the Rays and the Angels in the ALDS. Why the Rays? Root for them because they have played great and deserve their 15 minutes of fame. Why the Angels? Remember, no success for Boston equals a good thing. Root for the Rays over the Angels because the Angels beat up on the Yankees every year.

In the National League has one theme: Joe Torre’s sweet revenge. As a Yankee fan who realizes that Torre got thrown under the bus last year, I want to see him succeed. So in the NLDS I would suggest rooting for the Dodgers and the Brewers. The Cubs and Phillies are losers and they always should be. The Brewers broke the Mets hearts and it doesn’t get much better than that. Root for the Dodgers over the Brewers because of Joe Torre.

When it comes to a World Series between the Dodgers and Rays go with the Dodgers. Torre is one of the greatest managers in Yankees history and deserves one more championship.

But in reality, by the time you read this the Dodgers will have probably been eliminated.

Oh, well I guess we’ll have to wait for next year.

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Now that baseball season is officially over for me (the Yanks are done) and I am done getting crazy about it,

I must turn to the gridiron for comfort. Here are my picks for the division and wildcard winners


I know I wasn't the only one saying "yessss!" when Brady got hurt

I know I wasn't the only one saying "yesss!!" when Mr. Brady got hurt

the Jets are the most overrated team in football (more on that later). The Bills have a revamped defense, one of the best running backs in the league and a very smart quarterback who is not named J.P Losman.

James Hardy will prove to be a key red zone threat and Lee Evans will show that he truly is a top-notch receiver.

AFC North- Pittsburgh Steelers- Big Ben and Co. have been there before and are in a weak division…nuff’ said.

AFC South- Indianapolis Colts- Yes, they are struggling. Yes, Bob Sanders is hurt, but Center Jeff Saturday will return soon and as long as Peyton Manning is under center, the Colts will take a weaker than expected AFC South.

AFC West- Denver Broncos- This will be not be a walk in the park. The Charges gave the Broncos a run for their money in week 2 and they will do the same for the rest of the year.

AFC Wild Card- Patriots and Chargers- The Patriots were never a one dimensional team and all they know is winning (other than the last Superbowl). Quarterback Matt Cassell does not have to put out a Brady-like effort in order for this team to succeed. The Chargers missed the Superbowl by one game last year. With an overall weak AFC, Phillip Rivers and L.T should be able to lead their team to the playoffs.

NFC East- Cowboys- They have an explosive offense and a pretty solid defense (other thanthat Monday against the Eagles) Don’t worry Giants fans I haven’t counted you guys out yet.

NFC North- Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers is playing like he has something to prove. Oh, wait, he does. He has shown (so far) that he is a smart quarterback with a lot of confidence. It helps that they are in a terrible division.

NFC South- Carolina Panthers- They are playing solid defense but they will face stiff competition from the Buccaneers. Their entire season rests on the arm and leadership of Jake Delhomme. If he gets injured, give the division to the Bucs.

NFC West- This division is barely worth writing about. The Matt Leinart-less Arizona Cardinals will roll with the division. I honestly don’t think they will lose a divisional game.

NFC Wild Card- Giants and Eagles- The Giants now know how to win and it may be ugly at times, but they will find a way to get into the playoffs. The Eagles have a high powered offense and a defense good enough to help them win games. Donovan McNabb looks even stronger and healthier than he did four years ago.


Here is my Gutsy (dumb) (wishfull thinking) (Chris Berman 49ers Bills) (you gotta believe) pick-

Bills defeat Packers 24-17

Here’s what will probably happen

Cowboys beat the Patriots 41-27

One more thing…..the New York Bretts are overrated….even if he is God’s gift to football

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