Yankee fans rejoiced yesterday when the news broke that Manny Ramirez had been traded (aka given away) to the LA Dodgers.  The Yankee killer is not only out of Boston, but out of the American League all together.  Everyone knows the story by now so I am not going to write about that part of the story.  The bottom line is that this deal will hurt the Red Sox.  They gave up too much talent and recieved little in return.  They not only gave up Manny, but their best major-league ready prospects in pitcher Craig Hansen and OF Brandon Moss. 

Don’t get me wrong, Jason Bay is a great player, but he is no Manny Ramirez.  Maybe Bay will have a fire lit under him, because all anyone has said (including myself) is that he isn’t going to be good enough.  Only time will tell.

As I said, this deal will hurt the Red Sox, but it will not kill them.  Everyone else on the team knows how to win.  Youkilis should hit cleanup because he would provide great protection for Ortiz.  Ortiz is still a good hitter and he won’t be hurt by the loss of Manny as much as everyone thinks.

Man of the day:

Theo EpsteinThanks to Theo, the Red Sox have lost their best hitter.  Theo not only gave in to Manny, but he got almost nothing for the amount of talent that he gave up.  This move may eventually cost him his job, but as I said earlier, only time will tell.  On behalf of gratefull Yankee Fans everywhere, Thanks Theo.


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