OK, so I didn’t get around to writing a preview of the subway series, but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t predict that the Yanks would get stomped out by their crosstown rivals.

So here are the Yankees and Mets broken down by position as of right now

Catcher-Molina/Moeller vs. Schneider

Posada dwarfs Schneider in Homeruns and RBI’s. Schneider is a better defensive catcher than Posada but this is about the overall quality of the player. Oh, wait, Posada is hurt…


1st Base- Giambi vs. Delgado

The Most Pathetic Position for either team….Each player is a shell of who they once were. Both guys can pick the ball better than anybody else (probably because they don’t want to have to run after it). Giambi is hitting .191 with 8 hr’s and 21 RBI’s while Delgado is hitting .230 with 5 hr’s and 19 RBI’s….both equally bad

WINNER- YANKEES Hey, Giambi wears a gold thong

2nd Base- Cano vs. Castillo

Cano is beginning to turn it around at the dish and Castillo isn’t hitting the way he used to. Cano has great range at second and will only hit better when A-rod carries the load.


3rd base- A-Rod vs. Wright

This may be the toughest position to pick…but A-Rod is A-Rod. He has played excellent defense this year (i think he should win the gold glove) and is a bright spot in a dismal Yankees lineup. Wright is the best defensive third basemen around today. He is outstanding player who is a perennial all-star, but, he is no Alex Rodriguez. Within two years Wright will be on the same level as A-Rod, but he is not quite there yet.


Shortstop- Jeter vs. Reyes

This is another tough one…Jeter is a first-ballot hall of famer and Reyes is the 5 tool player who plays on the island that is long (thats Long Island for those who have lost track). Jeter has the rings and Reyes has the bright future and a long career ahead of him. So for this one I am going based on the stats

Jeter = .314 2hr’s 21RBI’s 1sb 21runs scored and a on base percentage of .351

Reyes= .267 4hr’s 18 RBI’s 12 SB and 21 runs scored and an on base percentage of .332

This is tough..right now Jeter has the edge in hitting but I would have to give the fielding to Reyes…Jeter is a team leader who is always the one to step in when there is pressure from the media (he always says the right thing) and Reyes has hidden from the media at times (a la Billy Wagner). If I were building a team for the future I would go with Reyes but this is all about now.


Lf- Damon/Matsui vs. Alou/ Chavez

Matsui will hit over .300 with 25 hr’s and Damon is a run-scoring machine at the top of the line-up. Alou is a great hitter but struggles to stay healthy.


CF- Cabrera vs. Beltran

Beltran is a Five-tool player who is stuggling s far this season. Melky Cabrera is the best defensive center fielder in the American League but he has been struggling at the plate.


RF- At the beginning of the year most New Yorkers had never heard of Ryan Church. Now he is the best right fielder in town. Bobby Abreu is not himself at the plate and struggles playing fly balls hit near the outfield wall. I like how Church plays the game hard everyday. I’m not saying that Abreu doesn’t play hard but Church makes up for the holes in his game with hard-nosed play.


SP- The Yankees have one solid starting pitcher- Wang, other than that, they have no other trustworthy pitcher. Pettitte hasn’t won in a month, Mussina throw slower than a middle-schooler and don’t even get me started on the rest of the rotation. The Mets rotation isn’t great but they have Santana, Maine, and Perez, who are better than what the bombers have


Bullpen- The Yankees bullpen had been excellent of late…until they played the Mets. Other than that the bullpen has been pretty solid. Farnsworth hasn’t been Farnsworthless and Joba and Mo make it a seven inning ballgame. The Mets have a great closer in Billy “Why You Talkin to Me” Wagner but the bridge to get to him has struggled




Now I feel better about what happened this weekend

Props go to Jon Lester for throwing a no-no….the Mets for kicking the crap out of the Yanks….Lebron James for playing against the Celtics by himself…the Spurs, Celtics, Pistons and Lakers for advancing


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