So more and more players have had it with Joba Chamberlain pumping his fist. I say to them-DEAL WITH IT!

Seriously, it is a joy to see players who react like that when they accomplish something. Plenty of pitchers and hitters have done it before so leave him alone. If you don’t like it, don’t strikeout. I’m talking to you David Dellucci. Good for you that you didn’t do anything when you hit the home run, thats your style. Manny stares at all of his hits because its his style. Every player reacts differently to the situations they are put in and should only be judged if they are actually physically hurting someone else; not if they are hurting another player’s feelings.

Joba is not crazy…these guys were crazy-

Turk Wendell-

The guy wore animal claws and teeth for a necklace. He also would crouch when the catcher stood up, slam the rosin bag down after an out, and also leap over the baseline when leaving the field. He was a great guy who spoke his mind. He became a fan favorite when he joined the Mets in the prime of his career.

John “off his” Rocker-

He would scream as he threw the pitch towards the plate. He would have been a raging lunatic even without taking steriods. He also spoke his mind but didn’t say stuff any New Yorker or any good minded person would want to hear.

Mark “The Bird” Fidych-

Probably one of the greatest characters of the 70’s. This guy would talk to the baseball before he threw it…it worked for a little while, he won the Rookie of the Year in 1976.

Wade Boggs-

Not really crazy, but arguably the most superstitious person to play the game. His most famous superstition was eating chicken before every game. He also woke up at the same time every single day and took exactly 150 ground balls in practice. He was even rumored to have drank over 50 beers on a cross-country flight once. Everything paid off with Boggs being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.

My point is that everybody has a personality, whether it is leaping over the baseline (Wendell), screaming at batters (John Rocker), or eating chicken (Boggs). The many different personalities that baseball has seen have helped make it the great game that it is today. God Forbid we watch someone who actually looks like they are enjoying the game. Keep on pitching Joba, and remember to be yourself and…oh yeah…

Keep pumping those fists!


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  1. Book It

    Was Joba pumping his fist when David Dellucci hit that 3 Run Bomb off him the other night?? Don’t be too insulted when Reyes does his dances on the top step next weekend in the Bronx, DEAL WITH IT. By the way, your blog is great………..FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!, yeah i said it. This has been “The Falk” reminding you to, Let the Truth be Told. 😀

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