I Feel Stupid…and Man of the Year

So a few days after I say “if Cano doesn’t hit, Alberto Gonzalez is gonna take his job”, the Yankees made a move…..They sent down Gonzalez and reactivated Wilson Betemit who had been on the DL.

Since I was dumb, I wanted to write about some other dumb things in sports:

-Fans who only yell “you suck” to players…real original…get some better material…. study anything Red Sox fans do to Arod..remember those blond-haired masks and stripper poles last year?

-Red Sox Fans who yell at little kids wearing Yankees gear….sadly, it’s happened

-throwing a perfectly good hat on the ice when a player gets a hat-trick….my question is where do all those hats go?

-sticking with hockey….why throw a perfectly good squid onto the ice? (Detroit Red Wings fans…I’m talkin’ to you)

-QuestTech (baseball’s system that monitors umpires)- Seriously, let the umpires call the game without second guessing themselves

-curling- see my earlier post about the olympics


I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Ozzie Guillen for man of the year. His expletive- laced rant is something that writers dream about. If I read between the curses correctly, Guillen said that he is sick of being compared to the Cubs who haven’t won the World Series in a hundred years. God Bless a sports guy that isn’t afraid of being politically incorrect. Speaking of that…should I have even said “God Bless”? I’m waiting for an atheist to comment on my wall about it…. Either Hank Steinbrenner (who I will nominate soon) or Ozzie Guillen will win the Man of the Year award……You can count on that



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2 responses to “I Feel Stupid…and Man of the Year

  1. Red Sox fans chant you suck to Yankees fans because they deserve it. You suck is a popular chant, and I believe even you’ve said it. By the way, good luck with all the bitchy girls in Matteson. Until next time…

  2. yanksbeatbosox

    actually I’ve never told anyone they suck…..except for you mike

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