Yankees lose more than just a game or two (again) and Chicks dig the long ball

So far the Yankees’ casualty list is pretty staggering.

Jorge Posada out 6 weeks

A-rod on 15 day DL

Phil Hughes out until July

Brian Bruney out until September (and that would be pushing it)

The Yanks got pummeled by the Tigers who rolled through the Bronx, making the Yankees look like a minor league team.  The Bombers couldn’t do anything right, the starters got smashed and the bullpen got beaten into the ground.

Thank God the Mariners rolled into town…they can’t hit and their fielding has done them in (they made four errors in the first game of the series)

Other things I’ve realized this weekend:

Ichiro is a Hall of Famer, no questions asked

Mike Mussina has quietly won 4 games

Branden Webb is the best pitcher in baseball (he’s 7-0)

Chien Ming Wang is the best starting pitcher in the American League (6-0)

Robinson Cano needs to pick it up because I seriously believe that if he doesn’t hit, he might lose his job to Alberto Gonzalez who filled in for Jeter by hitting around .360

Micah Owings (SP D-backs) has realized that “chicks dig the long ball”


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