Crazy NBA Playoffs

I guarantee you that nobody thought the Hawks would win two games vs. the Celtics…not even the Hawks themselves. I like how the Hawks rained confetti down after winning game four at home..shows you how surprised they were that they won the game. How about that that player who got in Garnett’s face? I don’t know his name and I’m not going to bother learning it because although he’s got guts, he ain’t got game. I like the fire that the Hawks have but I don’t think it will be enough. Garnett, Allen and the rest of the Celtics are too talented and too experienced to lose this series.

-The 76ers are done….they had a big lead going into the half of game four and blew it. The Pistons finally woke up and realized that they are the Pistons, not the Knicks. (sorry for the cheap shot Knicks fans but I had to) That series will be over after the Pistons win game six.
-Right now Pheonix trails the Spurs in the series. The Spurs will win. End of Story.
-The Rockets trail the series and will lose to the Jazz
-How about the Hornets…look out Spurs…


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  1. how ’bout them MAGIC?

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