Baseball News and Notes

Barry “waste of money” Zito has been moved to the Giants bullpen.  He now becomes the highest paid middle reliever in baseball history…every time I see him pitch I thank God the Yankees never tried to get him

Roy Halladay pitched his fourth complete game in a row….he also lost….the Blue Jays are in last place in the AL East

The Yankees have placed both Alex Rodriguez (quad) and Jorge Posada (shoulder) on the 15 day DL…they will be sorely missed in the struggling Yankees lineup.  I actually like Jose Molina behind the plate more than Posada but the Yankees need Posada’s Bat.  Molina does a great job receiving the ball as well as throwing out runners but he will need to hit well over a long stretch of time

Nate Mclouth of the Pirates is having an MVP season so far he’s hitting .327 with 7 Homers and 22 Rbi’s…so is Derrick Lee who hit his eighth HR tonight.

Phil Hughes lost again tonight…he is now 0-4 this season.  I’m still not worried…look at John Lester (SP-Red Sox) who lost 5 straight games and just outdueled Roy Halladay.  I will say it again….IT IS ONLY APRIL THERE ARE A LOT OF GAMES LEFT…5 MONTHS OF GAMES LEFT!!!!

-To prove to you that it is early i bring you these facts…The Orioles and Marlins are in first place….can’t argue with that, can ya?

The Orioles and Marlins will not be in first place by the All-Star break….You can count on that


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