Ahhh, the first two rounds of the NFL Draft….I don’t know what was more exciting, staring mindlessly at the TV waiting for the Bills to get to pick or watching some of the 4 hours of coverage ESPN had for a “pregame” show. Good God that is a long time to speculate things. There were some points today I felt sorry for the people who had nothing better to do than watch it. Then I realized I was feeling sorry for myself and promptly got off my ass and did something. After getting lunch, I sat back down and struggled to hang on, awaiting the moment that would define the Bills in the draft.

The moment came, this was it, the player that will finally vault the Bills into the playoffs is…Leodis McKelvin Cornerback from Troy!!!……wait, who?…

Even Mel “the hair, the truth” Kiper had to stop and think about who this guy actually was. I have no idea who this guy is but apparently he is a first round draft pick even though all he really did in college was return kickoffs.

So I moved on with my life, the hopes of getting a star player fading fast…but wait, there was a second round! This is it, the Bills have another chance for greatness….and another pick from out of nowhere, James Hardy, Wide Receiver from Indiana. WOOOHOOO!!….wait, exactly who am I whoohooing about?…I don’t know but he is a big dude; 6’6″ 220 pounds

Can’t wait for rounds 3-7 tomorrow, which I am not going to watch

You can count on that

PS The Yankees lost their third straight game- I didn’t get a chance to see it but Ohlendorf lost it on a Victor Martinez walk-off single in the ninth inning. I’m still not worried, Ohlendorf is going to get better with experience, even if that experience is losing a game in the ninth inning.

Props today go to:-The Buffalo Bills for pushing the envelope, people who can actually say that they watched every minute of the draft coverage today…the Marlins for remaining in first place



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4 responses to “Draftapolooza

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  2. Brian M.

    Why couldn’t the bills get a wide-out or somebody better than a guy from Troy. What has troy done lately? NOTHING

  3. why didn’t the bills get a wide-out? HELLO!!! MALCOM KELLY

  4. Matthew

    Nobody gives a shit about the Toronto Bills

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