As many people already know, there won’t be baseball in the 2012 Olympics.  Many people are outraged and I can’t say that I am one of them.  Major League Baseball started the initiative to create the World baseball Classic which features teams from all throughout the world.  It was extremely popular and it’s popularity will grow as it it is held more often.  I do however feel that the games should be played immediately after the World Series instead of before the season where it has a negative impact on some of the players who play in it.  It affects too many pitchers whose arms are not ready to pitch in crucial games and situations.  Sadly, many countries don’t play baseball and feel that it shouldn’t be part of the Olympics.

Here are the sports that shouldn’t be in the Olympics

Curling- seriously….this is a sport?  It seems like a stupid game that 6 drunk Canadians came up with on a frozen pond somewhere near the arctic circle

The Biathlon- This is Norway’s version of a drive-by shooting where the athlete on cross country skis races around a course and shoot targets

Table Tennis- I know those guys from China are sick but have you ever actually watched it?…It looks absurd



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  1. Matthew


  2. Know it all

    Say what you want about other sports, but don’t you dare insult Curling!! It is the only winter olympic sport other than hockey that I actually enjoy watching.

  3. I agree about table tennis, doesn’t belong and baseball is more of a sport, but barely….fat men on steroids.

    The biathlon is incredibly a difficult competition. You try aiming a rifle after skate skiing. Like the pentathlon and orienteering, it has military origins….and definitely belongs as a sport in the Olympics.

    Also, curling originated in Europe.

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