Lebron vs. the Wizards and NBA Finals

LEBRON IS THE TRUTH! (whatever that means)

James got mocked and is now socking it to the wizards who should never have run their mouths

The Wizards have awakened a sleeping giant who will now help lead his team far into the playoffs (or until they play the Celtics)

My Finals picks are the Celtics and the Spurs

Why?…The Celtics picked up Sam Cassell, who is one of the best clutch shooters in the league. He is the perfect player to have come off the bench for Rondo and he will not fold under pressure; He always wants the ball with the game on the line. Plus it doesnt hurt to have Ray Allen raining threes…Pierce playing tough ball and Garnett dominating the paint

-The Spurs are better than ever….with Ginobli coming off the bench and the best player nobody talks about in Tim Duncan they cannot be stopped. They have been there before and will tough to beat. (look at game one against the Suns)

Winner- San Antonio Spurs- I don’t want them to win ( I like the Suns) but they have more talent and play better basketball than anyone else.

Props today go to me for my performance in arena football intramurals- 8 catches, 4 td’s and an INT for a touchdown…and Steve Wilkos for yelling at people on his show

The Idiot of the day award again goes to Hank Steinbrenner…..his stupidity lasts for days…and tied with him are the Washington Wizards for talkin’ trash and not backing it up


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