Haven’t written in a while

don’t worry I didn’t quit…been real busy with school and sadly they don’t pay me for this

The Yanks are finally starting to come around even though they suffered a tough loss today in boston.  The pitching has for the most part been solid, especially Chien Ming Wang, who pitched an amazing game yesterday.

Giambi needs to sit….I would like to see Morgan Ensberg get some AB’s, Ensberg hit over 25 HR’s 2 years ago and he will provide some defense.  Giambi is a shell of who he used to be (when he was on roids’) and he cannot hit the ball to the left side of the infield……

time to give out some props…

wang for dominating the bosox……alberto gonzalez for filling in for jeter by hitting .400…me for getting 10 catches in my intramural football game

now for a new thing…Haterade

here’s what i am not liking too much

FOX sports…..Tim Mccarver and Joe Buck Suck…They are anti-Yankee and it is obvious.  They were describing Ortiz’s stuggles and then said that the every player in the Yanks lineup was “just an Ortiz”, implying that they were all hitting bad.  while they were saying this, they showed the graphic of Melky Cabrera’s stats which were 286 with 2 hr’s and 5 rbi’s…not to shabby for a number nine hitter..oh yeah and jose molina has less ab’s but 3 times the amount of hits that big Papi has.

also why in God’s name would I want to watch NASCAR Coverage during a baseball rain delay…put on another game or talk baseball or show highlights…just not NASCAR


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