Final Four and Yankees win!

How about the matchup that nobody wanted…..Kansas vs. Memphis.  Hansborough and Love couldn’t lead their teams to victory like everyone wanted them to.  I had picked UNC to go all the way but now I think it will be Memphis.  Why not? the way this tournament has been it is basically a coin toss to see who will win this game.

The yankees won today 2-0.  Chein Ming Wang showed us yet again that he truly is one of the best pitchers in baseball.  I believe that we will see his strike out total go up by about 20-30 k’s because he is not afraid to throw his changeup.  The Yankees need to start hitting with runners in scoring position.  Right now they are hitting less than .200 with RISP.

Props to:…Chien Ming Wang for a strong pitching performance….Memphis and Kansas for making it to the final game

Here’s a great trivia question that I don’t know the answer to:  Since all the talk about the new stadium has led to talk about when Yankee Stadium was renovated and the team had to play in Shea, it got me thinking….. Who (if there was any) was the only Yankee to play a full season with the team but never play in Yankee Stadium?

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