Yanks lose again..but here is how they can win

the Rays can definitely hit….but don’t start to panic yankees fans, it still early in the season.  The Yankees Really missed Melky in center.  At least I did…..I would much rather have Damon in left than Matsui.

Big error by Duncan today that didn’t hurt the Yanks too much but showed that the Yankees need to have better defense out of their first baseman….I personally would take Giambi over Duncan, but I am not saying that I even like Giambi there.  I would put Betimit there because he is an upgrade on defense and can swing a good stick.

Here is what I think the Yanks lineup should be

1-Damon,LF (great defensive player…i know he throws like a 12 year old but he can track a ball real well)

2-Jeter,SS (not a better two hitter in all of baseball)

3-Abreu,RF (can hit, field and takes more pitches than anyone in baseball)

4-Rodriguez,3b (a blind monkey can see that he is the best player in baseball)

5-Cano,2b (this is the year when his power numbers start to rise)

6-Posada,c (hopefully he won’t realize how old he is and keep playing like an all-star catcher)

7-Matsui-DH (looked lost at the plate at the end of last year but should still hit 25 HR’s)

8-Betimit-1b (excellent defense and won’t have to carry the order…i would expect 18 Hr’s and a 275 avg. if he starts consistenly

9- Cabrera,cf (this is the year he wins a gold glove..don’t expect many HR’s but a 285 avg is not out of the question

bench giambi and duncan….they could be great clutch hitters late in the game but their defense keeps them out of the starting lineup



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2 responses to “Yanks lose again..but here is how they can win

  1. Matthew


  2. Know it all

    How is Melky being overrated here? All it says is there is at least a decent chance he’ll hit .285 with a couple of homers. Well considering he’s averaged .276 and 8 homers a year in his short career, that prediction doesn’t seem too outta the question. Oh and if you wanna claim overrated on the gold glove caliber denfense, how about 6 errors vs. 28 outfield assists in the past 2 seasons. I think a .991 fielding % is pretty solid, and just as a side note those 28 outfield assists rank 2nd in the AL in that span. So please point out where overrated comes into play because a few homers and possible .285 batting average plus a chance at a gold glove doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

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