The Yankees looked sharp yesterday as they won a well played game 3-2. The Blue Jays played well and Halladay pitched a great game, his only blemish was giving up a pop-up homerun to Melky Cabrera. After the homerun, when Melky came out of the dugout to answer his curtain call, Roy Halladay apparently yelled at Cabrera to get back in the dugout. I have no problem with Melky taking the curtain call. He had an excellent at bat (the homerun came on the 10th pitch of the AB). Get over it Roy, the guy beat you, you threw him everything you could….and he beat you. You are still one of the best pitchers in the game.

I have to give props to Chien Ming Wang for outdueling Halladay.

More Props: Joba for finally finding the strike zone and blowing away Frank Thomas with a man on base……..Melky for his defense and offense…….Joe Girardi for his first win as a Yankee……Both the Yanks and the Jays for a great, entertaining game


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