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Baseball News and Notes

Barry “waste of money” Zito has been moved to the Giants bullpen.  He now becomes the highest paid middle reliever in baseball history…every time I see him pitch I thank God the Yankees never tried to get him

Roy Halladay pitched his fourth complete game in a row….he also lost….the Blue Jays are in last place in the AL East

The Yankees have placed both Alex Rodriguez (quad) and Jorge Posada (shoulder) on the 15 day DL…they will be sorely missed in the struggling Yankees lineup.  I actually like Jose Molina behind the plate more than Posada but the Yankees need Posada’s Bat.  Molina does a great job receiving the ball as well as throwing out runners but he will need to hit well over a long stretch of time

Nate Mclouth of the Pirates is having an MVP season so far he’s hitting .327 with 7 Homers and 22 Rbi’s…so is Derrick Lee who hit his eighth HR tonight.

Phil Hughes lost again tonight…he is now 0-4 this season.  I’m still not worried…look at John Lester (SP-Red Sox) who lost 5 straight games and just outdueled Roy Halladay.  I will say it again….IT IS ONLY APRIL THERE ARE A LOT OF GAMES LEFT…5 MONTHS OF GAMES LEFT!!!!

-To prove to you that it is early i bring you these facts…The Orioles and Marlins are in first place….can’t argue with that, can ya?

The Orioles and Marlins will not be in first place by the All-Star break….You can count on that


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Crazy NBA Playoffs

I guarantee you that nobody thought the Hawks would win two games vs. the Celtics…not even the Hawks themselves. I like how the Hawks rained confetti down after winning game four at home..shows you how surprised they were that they won the game. How about that that player who got in Garnett’s face? I don’t know his name and I’m not going to bother learning it because although he’s got guts, he ain’t got game. I like the fire that the Hawks have but I don’t think it will be enough. Garnett, Allen and the rest of the Celtics are too talented and too experienced to lose this series.

-The 76ers are done….they had a big lead going into the half of game four and blew it. The Pistons finally woke up and realized that they are the Pistons, not the Knicks. (sorry for the cheap shot Knicks fans but I had to) That series will be over after the Pistons win game six.
-Right now Pheonix trails the Spurs in the series. The Spurs will win. End of Story.
-The Rockets trail the series and will lose to the Jazz
-How about the Hornets…look out Spurs…

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It’s a beautiful game

The Yankees won one of the best games I have seen in a while yesterday defeating the Indians 1-0 behind another strong pitching performance by Chien Ming Wang.  Wang attacked the strike zone with the best sinker he has had all year and then put batters away with an absolutely filthy slider.  Wang is already 5-0 and it isn’t even May yet.  Indians starter C.C Sabathia looked like the pitcher that he should be yesterday with his only blemish being giving up a long home run to Melky Cabrera (who has 5 HR already).

This was the win the Yankees needed with Wang going seven, Joba pitching a scoreless eighth, and Mo slamming the door in the ninth.

Sometimes its nice to watch a pitchers duel and with Wang on the hill every five days there will be many more great performances….

You can count on that


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Ahhh, the first two rounds of the NFL Draft….I don’t know what was more exciting, staring mindlessly at the TV waiting for the Bills to get to pick or watching some of the 4 hours of coverage ESPN had for a “pregame” show. Good God that is a long time to speculate things. There were some points today I felt sorry for the people who had nothing better to do than watch it. Then I realized I was feeling sorry for myself and promptly got off my ass and did something. After getting lunch, I sat back down and struggled to hang on, awaiting the moment that would define the Bills in the draft.

The moment came, this was it, the player that will finally vault the Bills into the playoffs is…Leodis McKelvin Cornerback from Troy!!!……wait, who?…

Even Mel “the hair, the truth” Kiper had to stop and think about who this guy actually was. I have no idea who this guy is but apparently he is a first round draft pick even though all he really did in college was return kickoffs.

So I moved on with my life, the hopes of getting a star player fading fast…but wait, there was a second round! This is it, the Bills have another chance for greatness….and another pick from out of nowhere, James Hardy, Wide Receiver from Indiana. WOOOHOOO!!….wait, exactly who am I whoohooing about?…I don’t know but he is a big dude; 6’6″ 220 pounds

Can’t wait for rounds 3-7 tomorrow, which I am not going to watch

You can count on that

PS The Yankees lost their third straight game- I didn’t get a chance to see it but Ohlendorf lost it on a Victor Martinez walk-off single in the ninth inning. I’m still not worried, Ohlendorf is going to get better with experience, even if that experience is losing a game in the ninth inning.

Props today go to:-The Buffalo Bills for pushing the envelope, people who can actually say that they watched every minute of the draft coverage today…the Marlins for remaining in first place


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Joba loses but Yankees lose more than just a game

Ok so Superman (aka Joba) has a chink in his armor.  Joba gave up the winning run on a walk off single in the ninth inning against the White Sox last night.  The biggest lost however, came today when the Yankees announced that relief pitcher Brian Bruney is out for the season with a torn ligament in his foot.Bruney lost 25 pounds in the off-season and worked hard on becoming a better pitcher and it had shown this year with an improved fastball and slider.  I thought that he was eventually going to become the normal seventh inning guy for the Yanks.  This is gonna be a long year for the Yanks if they don’t get healthy quick.

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As many people already know, there won’t be baseball in the 2012 Olympics.  Many people are outraged and I can’t say that I am one of them.  Major League Baseball started the initiative to create the World baseball Classic which features teams from all throughout the world.  It was extremely popular and it’s popularity will grow as it it is held more often.  I do however feel that the games should be played immediately after the World Series instead of before the season where it has a negative impact on some of the players who play in it.  It affects too many pitchers whose arms are not ready to pitch in crucial games and situations.  Sadly, many countries don’t play baseball and feel that it shouldn’t be part of the Olympics.

Here are the sports that shouldn’t be in the Olympics

Curling- seriously….this is a sport?  It seems like a stupid game that 6 drunk Canadians came up with on a frozen pond somewhere near the arctic circle

The Biathlon- This is Norway’s version of a drive-by shooting where the athlete on cross country skis races around a course and shoot targets

Table Tennis- I know those guys from China are sick but have you ever actually watched it?…It looks absurd


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Lebron vs. the Wizards and NBA Finals

LEBRON IS THE TRUTH! (whatever that means)

James got mocked and is now socking it to the wizards who should never have run their mouths

The Wizards have awakened a sleeping giant who will now help lead his team far into the playoffs (or until they play the Celtics)

My Finals picks are the Celtics and the Spurs

Why?…The Celtics picked up Sam Cassell, who is one of the best clutch shooters in the league. He is the perfect player to have come off the bench for Rondo and he will not fold under pressure; He always wants the ball with the game on the line. Plus it doesnt hurt to have Ray Allen raining threes…Pierce playing tough ball and Garnett dominating the paint

-The Spurs are better than ever….with Ginobli coming off the bench and the best player nobody talks about in Tim Duncan they cannot be stopped. They have been there before and will tough to beat. (look at game one against the Suns)

Winner- San Antonio Spurs- I don’t want them to win ( I like the Suns) but they have more talent and play better basketball than anyone else.

Props today go to me for my performance in arena football intramurals- 8 catches, 4 td’s and an INT for a touchdown…and Steve Wilkos for yelling at people on his show

The Idiot of the day award again goes to Hank Steinbrenner…..his stupidity lasts for days…and tied with him are the Washington Wizards for talkin’ trash and not backing it up

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